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Validate a form based on html5 data attributes

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jQuery.dataformValidate (v0.2)

Validate a form based on the html5 data attribute data-validate="".

Note: It will validate hidden fields, but dataformValidate().valid will return true if all visible elements are valid


Very simple to execute:


Simple use in an if statement:

if (true === $.('.myform').dataformValidate(options).valid){
    // do stuff here.

Options are optional, and set automatically when given to the validator

var options = {
    debug: false, // debug mode
    hightlightField: true, // do you want to highlight error input fields (ie. add the errorClass)
    errorClass: 'dataform-validate-error', // provide the class used for styling error input fields
    dateFormat: 'mdy', // provide in what format the date should be validated on.
    ignorePlaceholders: true, // whether or not placeholders should be removed before validating
    placeholderElement: 'placeholder' // this will be prepended with 'data-'. In this case data-placeholder="my default value"

dateFormat should only contain "m", "d" and/or "y" for validation. They represent month/day/year.


The HTML required data-validate="" attributes. The "parent" dom element should be given to the validator.

<div class="myform">
    Required: <input type="text" data-validate="required" />
    Phonenumber: <input type="text" data-validate="phonenumber" />
    E-mail address: <input type="text" data-validate="email" />
    Minimum 4 character: <input type="text" data-validate="minlength=4" />
    Maximum 10 character: <input type="text" data-validate="maxlength=10" />
    Numeric: <input type="text" data-validate="numeric" />
    Date: <input type="text" data-validate="date" />

Of course, any combination is valid. The seperator to be used is a whitespace.

This would also be possible:

Required: <input type="text" data-validate="required minlength=4 maxlength=12 numeric" />


The only CSS required, is to highlight the fields. This is a simple, but effective example:

.dataform-validate-error {
    background-color: #FAD7D7 !important;
      color: #858585 !important;
    font-weight: bold !important;